Hello and welcome! We design "stuff" primarily for Fender Stratocasters (Strats), and other similar electric guitars. See our 2 recent US Patents 8,344,231 and 7,999,171 (go to , search either of the patent numbers). FREE GUITAR WIRING KITS AVAILABLE WHILE THEY LAST!!! We are also interested in either licensing agreements or selling the patent rights. All inquiries are welcome. To contact us: by email  , or by phone 845 807 6843. 
See patent demo videos at:, search the name: doublezoogy,  (that's one word, with no space between double and zoogy).

See immediately below a graphical depiction of our "6-string accumulator". This is our most recent patent, which applies directly to Strats. It basically allows the guitar to be restrung completely topside (like a Gibson). This gives a much softer string bend past the saddles, thus reducing string drag (friction) at the saddles and providing improved pitch stability when using the tremolo arm. NO MODIFICATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO YOUR GUITAR!!! (simply add-on parts are used) This is the only patent of it's kind that achieves topside restringing and allows the reuse of the original tone block, bridge plate, and string saddles.
See Page 2 for actual prototype photos,,, 
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Stratocaster and Strat are trademarks of FMIC, with which is not affiliated (content for use in Stratocaster kits, Strat kits, Guitar parts).
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