For Stratocasters,,,
See below, photos of a hand-built working prototype of our 6-STRING ACCUMULATOR,,,

By comparison with the content of our US Patent No.: 8,344,231 (go to, there are several design enhancements incorporated into the prototype below. These include:

The use of flat, captive metallic shims between each of the 2 saddle clamps and their respective string saddles with which they are in contact. This allows for one "universal" pair of saddle clamps to be used.  
These shims effectively compensate for the various hole-to-hole spacings across all tone blocks and bridge plates, in addition to dimensional tolerance build-up across 6 string saddles.

The use of velcro to support and help hold the individual string saddles in position after string height and intonation adjustments have been made, and until the 2 saddle clamps are tightened (yes, the velcro stays, and is part of the final implementation).

Note: the photo of the bottom of the guitar body shows the use of 2 each of threaded rod and hex nuts. The final version of this design would simply use low-profile screws (e.g. button-head) instead.


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