For Stratocasters,,,
UNIQUE, recently patented symmetric 7-way circuit not seen before!

See below a graphic depiction of our US Patent No.: 7,999,171 (go to, which features a unique symmetric 7-way circuit for Strats that provides all of the 7 possible pickup combinations, and works with any 3-pickup electric guitar. It can be integrated into many other control schemes.
FREE GUITAR WIRING KITS AVAILABLE WHILE THEY LAST!!! We are also interested in either licensing agreements or selling the patent rights. All inquiries are welcome. Upon request, we can provide detailed information on how to wire your guitar with our circuit.

See patent demo videos at, search the name: doublezoogy (that's one word, with no space between double and zoogy).

See page 4 for further details,,, (content for use in Stratocaster kits, Strat kits, Guitar parts)
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