For Strats (and any 3-pickup electric guitar),,,
Our unique 7-way circuit (US Patent No.: 7,999,171) features a mode switch which is a "drop-in" part (for Strats) that replaces the tone potentiometer (pot) closest to the output jack. You then wire your guitar with our 7-way circuit. (content for use in Stratocaster kits, Strat kits, Guitar parts)

The mode switch can be implemented in two ways. First, with a toggle switch for quick and easy mode changes. When installed, your guitar has a single master volume pot (same as before), a single master tone pot, and now has all 7 of the possible pickup combinations available!

Second, with a push/pull switch with integral pot, for those players who prefer the original control scheme found in factory-built Strats which features a single master volume pot and two tone pots. Your guitar looks the same as before, and now has all 7 of the possible pickup combinations available!

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Key circuit features here are simplicity, versatility, and symmetry: Straightforward parallel coil switching which allows you to select between either "one at a time" or "two at a time" pickup modes (via the mode switch).
Versatile because with identical wiring, either a 5-way or a 3-way pickup selector switch can be used (a 5-way switch gives a 7-way circuit, and a 3-way switch gives a 6-way circuit).
The two intermediate positions of the 5-way switch provide mutual symmetry: they always give all 3 pickups in parallel, for either setting of the mode switch.

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